Warren Betts Communications


Getting placement for your motion picture, documentary, TV series or DVD release in the “off the entertainment pages” is our expertise and strength.


We reach audiences in the millions that translate to wider box office and viewership potential. Warren Betts Communications engages the world of leading experts and influencers to raise awareness of the subject featured in your film, and generate feature stories in the world’s most highly circulated and respected media.



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  • Domestic and Worldwide Publicity Launches
  • Staged panels of A-list talent and the world's leading experts on the subject of your movie at major institutions around the world
  • Integration of the world's leading experts into the filmmaking process on set to advance authenticity
  • Press junket coverage with knowledgeable interviewers to delve deep into the juiciest intellectual aspects of your film
  • Development of unique multi-media materials for press distribution
  • Project exposure through placement of custom pivotal and influential marketing pieces in the domestic and worldwide media
  • Marrying filmmakers and talent with leading organizations, foundations, societies and institutions for unique promotional opportunities that promote your film
  • Spotlight in the media a greater discussion of the most relevant topics of the day to educate movie-goers on the scientific or historical significance of your film.
  • A sneak peak of WBC's creative project Rooted in Reality, featuring The Angry Birds Movie
Science in Hollywood ™
Science in Hollywood ™