Warren Betts Communications

About Us

Warren Betts Communications (WBC), a ZoomWerks Media Company, has been Hollywood’s go-to agency for science and technology since 1996. WBC brands the film industry’s biggest blockbusters themed to science, technology, history, futurism, aviation and espionage. These subjects dominate the 21st Century box office.


Meet our team of outstanding publicists:


Warren Betts - President (Executive Bio)


Daniel "Albe" Albelo - Vice President


Julie Ellerton - ZoomWerks News Producer


Brian Boothe – National Publicity


Monica Gillen - National Publicity


Grant Roth - National Publicity


Ernest Koeppen - Technology


Brendon Sher – National Publicity & Video Production


Christopher Sagan – Digital Marketing

Science in Hollywood ™
Science in Hollywood ™